This Little Piggy Went to the Market

This little piggy didn’t stay home this time, but travelled the happy road to McArthurGlen Athens for some good fun and Christmas book acquisition time. The trusted Papasotiriou bookstore all jingling in celebratory sparkle provided a medley of intellectual yumminess but apart from my much expected dive into the surreal literary maze courtesy of Valaoritis poetry, what proved to be my convivial life jacket was Amy Poon’s This Little Piggy Went to PradaWitty and impertinent, with the proper dose of self referential cynicism, the content aborts any commitment to grandiose apparatus by subverting traditional nursery rhymes apropos to sartorial cogitations.
Speaking of kid rhymes, never has it been a more appropriate event organized, than the McArthurGlen Athens creative workshop targeted to dreamy children and spacey moms. So, up until the very last day of December, may we lull the kids with fairytale imagery and let the moms off the parental hook in line to demolish their credit card limits.
Just in case Cinderella fails, try: “Hush-a-bye baby, in mummy’s arms, when she wears Tod’s, you’ll come to no harm. When in her Ginas, she’s not quite so sound, you’re safer with daddy, both feet on the ground.”

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IMG_7346 copy



All books from Papasotiriou bookshop at McArthurGlen Athens