The Life Of The Bee

“Say my name say my name” That’s what the inner Destiny’s Child gloriously chanted when the doorbell rang and a package teeming with Apivita goodies came in my doorstep in virtue of my nameday celebration on the last days of May (yeah we greek weirdos celebrate namedays just like birthdays). Needless to say that I was positively overwhelmed. Needless to also admit that my make up case was happy happy (Mugatu style) and my skin gave me a thankful chill for the future pampering it would inadvertently receive. Now, the grandma inside me insists I advice you on the fist line face cream. I’ve been using it since the very day I got my “first lines” and the dreamy jasmine fragrance together with the super light and fluid texture kinda make me beg for more first line. (the cream, not the lines, obviously). I’m pretty sure a striking difference has already been noticed on my skin lately (I get lots of oohs and aahs) and trust me here, it’s not my usual pizza diet. It’s in fact the 100% natural compositions and general Apivita awesomeness and harmony. I guesstimate you feel me already. If not, go to your local pharmacy and make the dream come true. pizza helps too.