Surfing up my Netrobe


Time for some precious humblebrag courtesy of NETROBE: It is a known fact that I do not own a walk in closet and in spite of all good efforts the most likely scenario is that I will never will. Thus, the usual lack of space related blogger predicament is that tons of accoutrement bestowed by years of accumulated ostentation are nowhere to be found as they have fallen victims of relentless closet anarchy. Here comes Netrobe to solve my, your, his, her, our, their sartorial problems. Although it won’t buy you the Céline, it will most definitely organise your clothes in a digital methodized app.via your phone and computer. What with the everyday tech advance, closet organisation is no longer an isolated weirdo preoccupation but a real time social experience. I for one, always take a huge voyeuristic gratification to be able to audaciously sneak in other people’s closets and get to see what they create, share and select.
To celebrate the new web application, The Bar Project actualised minty Netrobe cocktails and if it hadn’t been for the merry VIP company of Mr Yvan Rodic himself I’d be soooo wasted till the end of the evening. Now no more beating around the bush, download Netrobe and let’s be buds here!