Summer Here Kids




I’ve heard all kinds of things about my freckles and moles through the years. Good stuff and really bad stuff the raddest having been the comment I got from a bestie in highschool: “Boys aren’t into you cause you got moles.-” Deeply hurt but confident with the ultimate knowledge courtesy of bestie wisdom, I learnt to accept my folly just like the Elephant Man. I also turned my back on the traditional neo greek asthetics of big fat sunroom tanning and came to appreciate the Asian understanding of beauty instead meaning the fairer the classier. See, need makes the old wife trot and my need has forever been to avoid sunbathing. That however, wouldn’t deduct my deep affection from suncreams with their soothing and summery smell of coconut and other scandinavian 5,9 tourist sun lotion fragrances. So, I collected: Tanning oils, carrot and coconut creams, sunscreens of the rare hawaian kind, you name it. Don’t matter if I ended up using them at home or before my five minute sun exposure sharing with my buddy Lestat. 
Being in the beginning of our very own greek summerKorres must have probably sensed my needs once again. Apart from the celebrated cooling after-sun yoghurt came the clear walnut and coconut spray. Fighting the very serious urge to take a sip we’ll have the best of times together listening to “Stay alone, put a record on, keep yourself at home”