Reformist Mannered Chic

About high time I peeled off the esoteric skin and emerged back as a super-cliche fashion interpreter of my own kind’s trend, entitled “intellectual chic stroller in a breezy Summer sunset”. Now if you are desperate for setting details, let’s pretend she could be returning from a book club meeting after having rejoiced in the analyzing pleasure of postcolonial grandeur from Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea. She’s extra happy that unlike Antoinette Cosway, our heroine is free from the oppresive grasp of patriarchal society and more so because she is able to express her sartorial interests and identity in the most chic and playfully sophisticated manner; while simultaneously subversing the box ticking notions of feminine objectification. Here, here then to the girly girl who reads literature, is able to express her viewpoint about Derridean deconstruction, knows at least twenty post rock bands and at the same time jumps with joy when Lancome issues a new juicy lip gloss flavor.