Reconstructed Vibrations Vol I

yiorgoseleftheriades fw16

Yiorgos Eleftheriades FW16 collection is all about the tension of hard and soft. The designs materialise the contrast of dark and light in the signature Eleftheriades exploration of binaries and gracefully manipulate the subtle tensions between the interpretations the wearer can reflect upon.
Directly playing with the notion of functionality, the line subversively composes elements of dark synth 80’s and power dressing perceived under a contemporary spectrum of new minimalism. Yiorgos Eleftheriades in this FW16 further develops a highly textural foundation: Grunge ultra cosy cashmere and wool boucle styles with coloured fibbers are in unison with revisited crepe and satin luxe American Pioneer hemlines. Cross-referencing the “Garden of Eden ” in cotton microprint, the designer simultaneously addresses a romantic undertone. Essential pockets, soft leather, utilitarian compositions, hi tech waterproof garments suffused with metal fibbers possess characteristics of symmetry and balance that emphasise a strong unwavering sense of self for the au currant woman whose intellectual gravity is further enhanced.
Another key element for the FW 16 collection is the sleek mix and match of layered textures in the distinctive Eleftheriades architectural discourse. Fierce and androgynous give way to the feminine and sensual in a cohesive urban touch where silk muslin coexists with herringbone prints, and wool gabardine metamorphose self presentation. Yiorgos Eleftheriades in his classic innovation presents a limitless polished aesthetic directness. The collection connects the conceptual with the creative in an artful characteristically energetic manner which transcends and unites juxtapositions.


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