Once Upon a Season

Winter gave old summer the finger at M.A.C AW13 presentation. It did more than that in fact. The entire presentation-event hosted by Miss amazing Alexandra Spyridopoulou was a true kickass of the transcedental kind. It contained just what excites my inner hamster: double entedres, FW catalogue of the Self Service mag tincture and binding, grunge references, hard soft binaries, Rooney Mara quasi femininity, glossy bare eyelids, and detachment from stereotypical airbrushed pretty pretty.
I always love me some cerebral approach on make-up and M.A.C did it just for me this time. Even the basic trends are aptly entitled Reb-elleSpiritual-eyesAu-currant,  Perspex-tive thus reminding all that the target group is not brainless Barbie girls but intellectual women who consciously choose to enhance their individuality and accentuate their distinct nuances. I for one am sooo gonna aim to pull off the wonderfully eerie “Ghostly Smoke” in the words of Val Garland, as shown in the Gareth Pugh show, preferably without being booted out of the house by my man.
Before I bid all adieu to nibble on my nectarine I’ll let Terry Barber do the proper epilogue for me and I quote: “Beauty is not static. It has movement and it has light. A girl who has just woken up, is walking on a blustery day or is caught in a rain shower…” Amen to that. –