Object in the Dream

yiorgos eleftheriades

None of the many doors of creation is steeped in immobility. Not when Yiorgos Eleftheriades makes sure that our unconscious is prepared for his carefully devised sartorial poetics. His creative “sun” is poised directly overhead. The sunbeams gleam minimal flares while the shapes remain clean yet wonderfully structured. The objects of the artistic experience channel a pure vision of conceptualism and excite emotion. In the FW15, communication lies beyond the components of expression, replacing it by its own medium of contact and dialogue. Thus, “La Belle” transcends time and delves into memories that have not yet come to pass. A symphony labeled as “Memories from a future dream“. What follows from the work of art is not restricted to the realm of aesthetics. Instead, like the laboriously contrived framework of sentences, vestments provoke intellectualism which is further transposed into garments chosen from an enigmatic creature sharply defined by depth of spirit. In the centre of a spectral room she aims to dance to Mary Lou Williams standing for a minute as a portrait of complicated demeanour. Nor male or female the silhouette appears constant between an imperceptible lightening of a winter heart and a harmonically composed serene fatalism within the narrative configuration of timelessness.

yiorgos eleftheriades yiorgos eleftheriades yiorgos eleftheriades yiorgos eleftheriades


 Yiorgos Eleftheriades FW15 “La Belle de la journey” collection

YESymphony “Memories from a future dream” collection

Bag Candybag Athens

Shoes Acne Studios, Sante, jewels: Z for Accessorize collection

Makeup: Korres