I have recently flipped through Stuart Franklin’s Narcissus which traces the process of experiencing the Norwegian landscape, a document of dwelling in a landscape than a landscape itself. The images visually explore the ways in which we look for our reflection, or intelligible reflections or our inner memory and emotions.
Admiring the selection of prints, I could not refrain from my own subjectivity repeatedly thinking about the domination of solipsistic direction of blogging photography. Most of outfit  images seem to be rooted in the unrelentless dogma of the self being the only reality. Thus I thought, making any conscious effort to portray the subject which happens to be the self in this case, can be the only truthful form of valid representation.
Yet am I intuitively unconvinced or my thought process can be deemed as Reductio ad absurdum of my indeterminacy? Either way, I seem to have come up to a concrete form of decision since emulating Stuart Franklin’s ideology, I have turned the work, aka myself “inwards”. I watch myself watching myself being honest with my subjectivity, catch the external world without impoverishing the thought process from the humble fun factor. I’m debating whether blogging is the most contemporary form of narcissus syndrome or the ultimate form of logical minimalism. I can’t tell which one but I certainly know it comments on the view of fashion and explores the notion of self representation at best.
For the moment, I turn to the ethos of awareness, the coherence of the known with all its subjective value in full bloom and I give you denim on denim.
IMG_7826 copy