McArthurGlen Athens Holidays

Everyone knows the basics of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” surely? Aren’t we all taught what a powerful case the lyrical explosion of capitalism “on the eighth day of Christmas my baby gave to me a pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring” can make?
Well, Beyonce I dare to say knows her shit and I have deduced I know mine so my granny feet took me to McArthurGlen Athens, in a much too subtle attempt to covet stuff for my very own xmas consumerism preservation.
I give you Moschino and Swarovski in a team spirited effort with my hubby-photographer to locate party perfect uniforms while incessantly fabricating multiple Eleni identities which let’s be honest here translate to a very single one. Another thing I know for sure is a preliminary Christmas Eve scenario: I’m in my 20 dollar worth pajamas sitting toasty and cosy by the fire, watching Home Alone for the 316th time.
Till then though we get November 15 the official Christmas tree lighting at McArthurGlen Athens. Rumour has it that the Rockefeller Center tree is gonna be put to shame. You wouldn’t wanna miss that epic one would you?
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IMG_6976 copy