Instinctive Dénouement

yiorgsoseleftheriades fw16

The Fall Winter 16 diffusion collection YESYMPHONY directly explores a highly evolved taste level through profound, controlled and meta-sophisticated tailoring punched with rich colours and modernist classic cool elements.
Yiorgos Eleftheriades establishes a clean cut design level where unrestricted silhouettes spring within monochrome wool American style plaid with mat surfaces and mature artfully in masculine trench coats, cotton and Cupro shirt fabrics or novelty spun chenille and organza details.
Serving as incubators of Asian minimalism or punctuated with serene and subversive dynamism, the FW 16 YESYMPHONY line is characterised by architectural layering, textural components and multiple lengths play. Loyal to the Yiorgos Eleftheriades craftsmanship, the feminine silhouette is allowed to be expressed through a spectrum of French nonchalance and tomboyish elegance constructed upon a polished effortless basis.
The wearer can easily discern the refined sculptural movements of the fabrics as crepe, viscose melange, and satin equally contradict and complement the boxy oversized outerwear in leather and metal surfaces.
Unusual and precise, the FW16 YESYMPHONY reined by a fluent “femasculine” slant, can be perceived and translated as a carefully orchestrated panopticon of styling eloquence.


yiorgsoseleftheriades fw16 yiorgsoseleftheriades fw16 yiorgoseleftheriades fw16


wearing Yiorgos Eleftheriades and YESYMPHONY FW16

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