yiorgos eleftheriades ss16

Optical illusion prints imbued within fluidity. Yiorgos Eleftheriades writes the story of Spring 16 in an unrestricted manner where structured shapes give way to darkly delicate portraits of his immediately recognisable tailoring. Silk, satin and sharp cotton communicate in the full spectrum of coolness and balance, while the brand’s stamp is set upon each and every piece as the timeless celebration of individuality and diversity. This collection’s inspirational vehicle became the 18th century intricately cut pirate jackets and 20’s elongated silhouettes. My own insight was to turn myself into an obscure ghostly image of a sea rover elevated in the shadowy whiteness of the insubstantial with a sole hyacinthus orientalis as my lifeboat.

yiorgos eleftheriades ss16 Necessity2a copy


wearing Yiorgos Eleftheriades SS16 ensemble, make up using MAC products.