Enter the “Kenzo”

‘The woman at home, dressed in prints one would find on a couch or drapes’. That’s the inspiration that Humberto Leon and Carol Lim drew on to create Kenzo’s Fall 2012 collection. Said quote, is enough for me to act as a flag-waver for creativity and self referential jocular spirit. To me eyes, the recreation of the iconic Kenzo graphics and lion head logo seemed like an art class workshop where Leon and Lim worked with oversized geometrics and architecturally inspired sloping shoulder lines all in a canvas of boldest of bold colors and ironically luxurious fabrics. Serendipitously, magnolia bakery lavender-frosted cupcakes were served during the show which coincided with both housewife concept and trademark Kenzo downtown hip kid aesthetic. That for me was the true icing on the fashion cake, one that I’d really like to get my fingers sticky with. Truth!