Elie Saab Le Parfum

Perfumes, fragrances, essential oils: who isn’t captivated  by their pleasant aroma and the way in which they dress up our private scent? Admitedly, new fragrances have stopped surprising me these days as most of them are repetitive and  their odoriferous compounds are synthetically produced  thus making them dull, suave or even aggresive. The highest price for my skepticism was the astonishment my olfactory sense paid me after smelling Ellie Saab’s first perfume. Francis Kurkdjian the famous perfumer winner of the Prix François Coty in 2001 did not fail to create an exceptionally refined; radiant perfume evocative of the feminine Haute Couture dresses of the Lebanese house. Composed as “an ode to light” according to the words of Elie himself, the fragrance serves as an embodiment of golden bright light under a cold radiant sky. The top notes introduce sun-kissed, radiant orange blossoms and middle notes develop into jasmine absolute, culminating the magic into the base notes where unfolding cedar wood and enveloping honey rose embrace the skin. Magnetic and absolutely radiant, Le Parfum makes me feel just like an “urban princess” the one that only Anja Rubik can wondrously portray. A harmony of flowers in a celebration of golden purity. An exuberant revelation of my senses which will serve as a renaissance of my spirit all winter long.