Electric Blue Heaven

Taking too much time reading fashion magazines and watching surfing videos can have this outcome. To make it specific, Lula magazine has this effect on the resplendent horizon of my musings. Also, Dion Agius unleashing on the allegedly world’s best wave pool in the “Electric Blue Heaven” video gave birth to a monster. Don’t judge. It’s my beloved monster.. Like the Eels song! Read how it goes:
Her name is Chloe. (How surfer of her). She hates winter days and because she’s so filthy rich she gets to chase Summer all year round. She has an older brother named Franny (yes I stole that from Franny and Zooey) who is a surfing instructor and that’s how she came to love surf in the first place. Plus the fact that she had a huge crash with Body from Point Break since ’94.
All that’s pretty and nice but the thing is she hates wetsuits being allergic to neoprene at the point she has filed a report against Hugh Bradner (the inventor of modern wetsuit in ’51). I’m telling ya she’s a weirdo alright. A true victim of Generation X but in her own ostentatious version never mind the jargon.
Her grandmother was an art history teacher descendant of a family who owned a huge textile firm in New York hence the love of high fashion. When Chloe surfs, she wears the hauttest of the haute and she don’t mind when her Prada earrings are gracefully devoured by the foamy sea. Nor does she care when the normal surfer girls call her names and mock her.
A true surfer in soul, she sees no restrictions and being a firm believer of Duderonomy she calmly retorts: “Well, that’s just your opinion man”.
Now don’t expect a punchline of any sort cause I’m sure we’re gonna see more of Chloe soon. For now however, to keep the spirit alive, let’s enjoy some of the pieces she chose for her surfing trip in Dubai’s new Wadi adventure park; and maybe soon we’ll find out how she got to meet the love of her life there..