Dries Van Noten ss14

Who would have thought back in June 27 the Radiohead in Athens concert date, that I’d live to see the day when the 90’s would be retrospectively glorified in the noughties. Fashion and its paraphernalia belonged to my private universe as much as dramatic punctuation belonged to Mark Twain’s. Thom Yorke and the Greenwood bros underscored my post teen angst introspection pretty eloquently though.
Years progressed Radiohead had an Atoms for Peace baby and I’m writing about Dries Van Noten. And here is how things click: In the now of SS14, Colin Greenwood serenade the Van Noten walkers in their gold flaked ruffles while I rediscover my “Iron Lung”. As Greenwood himself noted, the bass is the bridge between the melody of the voice and the power of the drums rhythm. I say in a similar manner, the Dries Van Noten collection was a compelling unification of dark inspirations, tribal romanticism and royal disguise.
The miscellany of fashion week stereotypes was victoriously undermined in fifty-one distinct visual examinations and Noten’s modesty as an artist mirrors his matchless ability to (and I quote) “professionally make garments”.

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