Dem got SWAG

I stand nowhere as close to any of the “Seven Types of People You’ll meet at NYFW” as I’m currently on my ugly as *#uck pjs pigeoning from couch to couch while waiting for the spaghetti to cook instead of publicly endorsing what would be mildly described as purposeful streetstyle self-exaltation. Could I be any more excited though stumbling upon my darling 90’s anti heroes sartorially conscious and Seventh Avenue clad to attend NYFW? Most certainly happy to see my all time favorite teenage misanthrope Daria Morgendorffer embellishing her sophisticated green jacket with Prabal Gurung what not and compulsive laugherous Beavis at his Sunday best in a Jeremy Scott uniform and manic eyes fixated on a new target to “FIRE FIRE”. I must admit that Sailormoon was perceptibly predictable in her dreamy Rodarte dress but Lisa Simpson will undoubtedly give Anna Dello Russo an extra reason for solarium.
To see the rest of Michelle Moricci’s fantasy work click here. My spaghetti is cooked.
SailorMoon-Rodarte-Swagger-New-York-723x1024 Beavis-And-Butthead-Swagger-New-York-723x1024