Or unconscious. But no jokes here. I’m dead serious. Oops that one was unintentional. In fact I’m very much conscious and enviromentally aware, green or whatever you may call it. I don’t even have my own car so that act in itself is one that deems me worthy of wearing the T-shirt and makes me extra frustrated that I always need a ride.
H&M‘s vision to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner is a commendable action indeed which serves and protects (LAPD motto on loan) both nature and global communities. Under the umbrella of the triple R standing for Rewear, Reuse, Recycle the impact of fashion generated waste can be substantially limited. I kinda find this idea hippier than thou and the Swedes truly gave me one more motive to collect recyclable and organic garments. Best thing about it, the closest H&M store provides the bins.
So, No excuses that I know in Layne Stanley’s distinct vocalism. I’ve already stockpiled my out-of-date (is that word used anymore?) clothes in order to do my part in ethical consumption. Hast thou?
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