Where am I on this Sunday? I reeastablish my “Compulsion” with the fictional dystopia of a late fifties Los Angeles against the mundane and conventional. I do it through Alex Prager‘s meta Twin Peaks topos of surreal diptychs. Photographs delineating a lurking creepiness and subversive darkness which oscillate between noir, mystery, tragic loss and acceptance. The medium of the eye as the witness of absurdity and apparatus of perception manifests through the poetics of the images and guides the viewer’s feelings in a subconscious level of voyerism. Who is the mint skirted girl hanging from the pylon? How did the house of Milwood Ave. come to float in a starfield sky? What birds carried Tippy Hedren amidst the electric lines of Redcliff Ave. ? Presented with the horrors and or subversive crime scenery of unusual locations, I can be both the spectacle and the witness and I softly take refuge in Stephen King’s words: “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones”.


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