Chloé Resort 2014

What? Do you REALLY think there’s a decent way words can glorify the magnificence Miss Keller has once again crafted? English Literature scholar (or NOT) I can tell you that I went through the collection last night in that wonderful stage of hypnagogia. I couldn’t wait to wake up and feel miserable that I won’t be able to get any of them pieces but for some reason now it’s daytime I feel a strange sense of comfort that somehow this year my luck could change. 
In case you’re still reading, I’ll let you on what else I feel: The otherwordly longing for a turquoise pool in a very specific privare residence of Southern Peloponnese and a freshly cut melon offered in an old plastic plate by my grandma’s weary hands. How do these things connect with Chloé‘s subversively chic silhouettes? Who knows! I already admitted I saw the collection on the onset of lethargy so this must count for something. Mind works in mysterious ways, subconscious works in equivocal fashion, and these knee wide pants draw a vertical line on my mind. The same one that splits sleep from wakefulness.
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