CÉLINE Resort 2013

My pursuit of fashion related happiness follows a certain path. Introspective, seemingly motionless and ambiguous. What does that have to do with CÉLINE? In my eyes everything. Most collections reflect a “didactic” transcribing of the object-design to the viewer but Phoebe Philo consciously or not, does quite the opposite: she creates space through ambiguity so that we all make sense of the designs imbued with our personal experiences, feelings and cultivation.
Do we always have to find deeper meaning in fashion? Do we have to visually explore the inner workings of the design messages? This must not be a conscious decision, it’s something seen intimately and introspectively; in this resort collection one might perceive a repeated blank canvas of minimalism or a gentlemanly “Beau Brummell” disengaged flair.
I say there’s coherence, there’s intellectual discipline and technique. CÉLINE remains true to its own principles as a panopticon of styling eloquence and meta – sophisticated tailoring and for me that holds a burning arduousness of endless sartorial possibilities.
celine-resort2013-runway-10_152418182872 celine-resort2013-runway-12_152420466905