Bee Idiosyncrasies




1979: One of my cherished Smashing Pumpkins songs. Also, the birth year for the most eco-friendly natural cosmetics brand in Greece. I’m talking about Apivita a personal favorite since the first time I used the black currant lip balm dating back to junior high when we 90’s gals wore Fruit of The Loom hoodies in XL paired with ten eylet Dr Martins.
In the years to come, lip balm gave way to almond & honey hairmasks, aloe & fig showergels and just a week ago, a  glorified visit to the Apivita headquarters-production unit.
Reading the Apivita history it’s interesting to note the etymology of the brandname deriving from Latin Apis for bee and Vita for Life. The life of the bee as the creative vehicle and inspirational keystone of the company’s vision was embodied in an unprecedented apicultural experience which included observance of honey bee colonies, hooded astronautic suits, labyrinthal walking as a form of a meditational stress relief and problem solving technique, and for foodies like yours truly, a bona fide dinner and gluten free biscuits.
One might say, it may be the very unconventionality and authenticity of the brand’s cultural approach that gives it one signal advantage over modernist sustainability compromising practises and for that I applaud it once more, save the essential – the idealistic logic of  the founder, “If you have a dream, you will achieve it, and if you achieve it you will dream again”.
Amen and amen