Ban Butsu Shi Sei

I never transgressed against cosmetics or any basic principle of beauty, and my ongoing encounter with ointments, moisturisers, and creams soon brought me to this inevitable place of eclecticism that aggressively seeks to embrace true values. One word did the trick for me and you know what a huge sucker I am for words: Omotenashi. The fundamental principle behind Shiseido connoting caring, empathy and sensitivity.
In focusing  intensely on the microprocess of reading the above words, I came to realise that Shiseido transcends the veneer of physical attractiveness choosing to explore our beauty inside. A mind which is not fixed solely and securely on the facade but delves deeper into a zen imaginary journey is what Shiseido is all about. Kare-sansui symbolism, I ching values, graphic representations of the camellia mark all iconic and spiritual elements of the Shiseido heritage, bloom and progress now stronger than ever.
The new IBUKI skincare line is what I tried for two mornings in a row and though I’m the freak who never removes makeup at night, IBUKI has already started to strengthen my skin’s resistance to the ill treatment I subject it to so my face appears dewy-smooth and my students are chirpy. (They see a happy teacher, that also means less homework).
What I also need to try is the latest “Eye Color Bar” created by Dick Page that allows layering and textured shade play together with the vibrant super-hero perfect rouge that will give me Natalie Portman lips.
To wrap things up, my Japanese inner self (think about it: kawaii enthusiast, wagashi aficionado, Sanrio Puroland aspired visitor) is ready for the next Shiseido beauty salon treatment I already booked for next week. Be prepared: Next outfit post, you will see a new face.