Tuesday, 18 February 2014

We Can't Sleep At Night

This is an unsupervised visual narrative focused on the subject's omnipresent inescapability. Leaning inquisitively over the parapet of existence there is an ambiguous light that shines in "non space" within a manipulated reconstructed reality. All behind the unrelenting dogma of self being. This is fuzzy white. Astronaut Beatniks. Functional mappings. Still…

We can't sleep at night
We can't sleep at night
We can't sleep at night

Photography and Creative Concept by A Pink Moon Camera

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Roubalita Rouba said...

Love it, love it, love it! Really glad for the twist your posts have been taking lately :)

Xeni said...

Love it lovebirds!!


Lorelai Sebastian said...

τελειες οι φωτο οπως παντα, αυτη τη φορα μεγαλο μπραβο για το art work!<3 <3

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