Monday, 27 May 2013

“I'm quite illiterate, but I read a lot. ”

If you really want to know about it people don't change and since the very first time, ages ago, when read the book, I knew I was Holden Caulfield. The very reason I became "a catcher in the rye" -in my own terms teacher- has been because of my inner need to catch kids before "falling" off the crazy cliff... I like it when somebody gets excited about something, I have one of those loud stupid laughs and if I ever sat behind me at a cinema I'd probably lean over and tell  myself to shut up, I love certain things staying the way they are, I know that people never notice anything and always clap for the wrong reasons, I hate phonies, whereas passing puddles in the street filled with gasoline rainbows in them feels swell. That kind of crazy afternoons, terifically cold, and no sun out or anything is exactly what my winter soul feels like, I believe that if you do something good and you don't watch you start showing off and then you're not as good anymore. 
Finally, the big question: where do the ducks go when the lagoon gets all icy and frozen over? Does some guy come in a truck and takes them away to a zoo or do they just fly away?

  Wearing old Stefanel top, lace top H&M a grand version here, palazzo pants Zara last seen here, ballerinas Louis Vuitton similar here, sunnies Asos, uber literate statement made by handmade minaudiere

Photos by asymptoticalnudity

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soulofashopper said...

love the outfit...those pants are awesome! xo, Alma

Tina said...

Oh my oh my!!!!!! The catcher of the eye!!!!! <3

Joana said...

You're adorable, this outfit is spectacular and that books is tremendous.

xo Joana
Grow In Fashion

Vanda said...

Great you, outfit and book!!! What else vcan a man want from a beautiful sexy lady, and intelligent?

Loved the last photo.The end.

thankfifi said...

such a wonderful bag


Jellyfish said...

I guess the ducks just fly away or if this doesn't happen this is what i want to believe.. THE END

Stylescream said...

Amazing as always...


This bag screams out loud Eleni!
Wish we all had the answer to your question my Eleni!

Daniella said...

I could sit and read your posts all day my dear, you always intrigue me. And I think the ducks just fly away!

Sweetie I love this look, the wide leg trousers with the ballet flats is super ultimate chic! And the handmade book is a wonderful statement :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

moustachic said...

thatttt booook!

moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

Veronica P. said...

So adorable and so artistic! I love all the artistic touches that are so unique in your posts and outfits! I adore this outfit Eleni!

P.S. Bogdan said"HI" :)

Fashion Reactor said...

Υπέροχη η παντελόνα!!!!


littlethief said...

i think I'll go with the guy in the truck version...!!!
And i think I've mentioned this before but i truly think that this is the best minaudière i have ever laid eyes on!! <3 <3 <3

Theresa said...

I love the mix of tones and textures in this whole look. That lace top is such a great piece and the pants are such a chic pairing with it. You look so lovely babe! :)


The Habit

kcomekarolina said...

great look!

xoxo from rome

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