Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Sinking Belle

Passing by 
Rose and emeralds 
In silence I 
Stand alone 

And out of you 
Grey birds fly 
The gravel path 
You qualified 
Pretended to 
Favour few 
The walls are fine 
In hollow time 

The shape I'm in 
Oh she knows so well 
My hearts become 
Her sinking belle 

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing Nandel Paris double pearl gold earring, double pearl ring, shirtdress and jeans Zara, sneakers Nike Air Max

Excerpt and title from the magnificent drone song The Sinking Belle by (Sunn O))) and Boris

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Black Opium

I'm no Edgar Allan Poe to have acclimatised my system in the invariably exciting habit of opium eating, but I sure know how to feel a good ole Black Opium buzz under some meditated drizzle of liquid black coffee, a pinch of pink pepper, shade of vanilla and jasmine brought to you bottled courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent perfumery. 
One certainty is that unbeknownst to the author's bleakest glorification of  "The Raven", Black Opium borrows a similar obsidian grandeur in the face of a black clad lady who comes to the rescue of the nameless narrator. He who will no longer weep for Lenore as he knows that…

Those who dream by day 
are cognisant of many things
that escape those who dream
only at night. 

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

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Monday, 20 October 2014


"There in the fringe of trees between the upper field and the edge of the one below it that runs above the valley one time I heard in the early days of Summer the clear ringing six notes that I knew where the opening of the Fingal's Cave Overture I heard them again and again that year and the next summer and the year afterward those six descending notes the same for all the changing in my own life since the last time I heard them fall past me from the bright air in the morning of a bird and I believed that what I had heard would always be there if I came again to be overtaken by that season in that place after the winter and I would wonder again."

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing men shirt like this one, jeans, vintage Versace sunnies, custom-made bag, pumps Céline

Excerpt from W.S Merwin - The Source

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Flowering Judas

She is not at home in the world. Everyday she teaches children who remain strangers to her, though she loves their tender round hands and their charming opportunist savagery. She knocks at unfamiliar doors not knowing whether a friend or a stranger shall answer, and even if a known face emerges from the sour gloom of that unknown interior, still it is the face of a stranger. No matter what this stranger says to her, nor what her message to him, the very cells of her flesh reject knowledge and kinship in one monotonous word. No. No. No. She draws her strength from this one holy talismanic word which does not suffer her to be led into evil. Denying everything, she may walk anywhere in safety, she looks at everything without amazement. 

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing mom's oversized sweater, silk skirt vintage Liana Camba, scarf Louis Vuitton Murakami, bag custom made, Valentino slingback, vintage Versace sunnies similar

Excerpt from Flowering Judas - Katherine Anne Porter


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Friday, 10 October 2014

And Τhe Water Will Come Down

And the water will come down

and wash you down
and let you see what you would be
If you’d have known what’s right or wrong
Or what is fun

Woke up early, feel that itch.
When I learn not to think of thinking
And think.

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing kimono similar here, cutwork cotton tops, white pants Zara the dope version from Chloe, slingback shoes Jimmy Choo, bracelet Louis Vuitton, sunnies just like these ones, orange shade Shiseido


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Monday, 6 October 2014

Sleep Topology

Like the tucked sleeve of the one armed girl, behind the old counter of Mrs Garrison's convenient store in the morning sunlight. In case the roads converge at a single moment of straight, hardly anyone will float on its own. 
Unknown sleep, where is it from? It came from somewhere or perhaps alone. 
Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing jumper, skirt sita murt/, socks LA Gear vintage socks, creepers Zara similar here, lacquer rouge Shiseido Tango


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