Monday, 15 September 2014

State Space

The internal state variables of theory lay full stress on the idea that it is the virtuality of the work which gives rise to its dynamic nature and as Wolfgang Iser infers, the unwritten aspects of unspoken dialogue within the work draw the reader into the action. In this process of creativity, engaged as I am both in terms of subject and text, I pass before the reader's eyes like a component part of observation. Less concrete than the statement photography makes there arises a purely intentional correlative of a complex virtualisation: Strangely enough, meaning develops in aroused interest of expectations as both fulfilment of the expectation and a continual modification of it. Once immersed in the flow of thought, anticipation and retrospection fill the gaps and create continuation. There is no hiatus, there's no flaw. Each reader will experience "the text" reflecting his very own disposition. This is your mirror in the state space. 

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing top Calvin Klein, silk vintage cardigan Lolita Lempicka, cutwork skirt Zara, sandals Dolce & Gabbana, my mom's bag.

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Thursday, 4 September 2014


There's sap in the trees if you tap 'em

There's blood on the seas if you map 'em

Christian, when I see your papa, I'll tell him you love him

And remember to love in the wild and fight in the gym

Remember the bottle gives birth to the cup
And you won't get hurt if you just keep your hands up
And stand tall like sycamores

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing dress and shorts H&M Conscious Collection, vintage leather Gucci alternative here, pouch Thalatta Concept, sandals Birkenstock

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Monday, 1 September 2014


Green I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.
The ship on the sea and the horse upon the hill. With her waist wrapped in shadow she dreams on her veranda, green flesh, green hair, with eyes of frozen silver. Green I want you green. Beneath the gypsy moon, things keep watching her, and she cannot see them.
Green I want you green. Huge stars of frost appear with the fish of shadow that opens the way for dawn. The fig tree rubs the wind with the sandpaper of its branches, and the thicket, a thieving cat, bristles its sour spears. But who could be coming?  And from where? She lingers by the railing, green flesh, green hair, dreaming of the bitter sea.

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing pajamas found at a street market, silk Salvatore Ferragamo scarf worn on top, Gucci crossbody purse, Acne sunnies, Céline gold pumps

Poem: Sleepwalk Ballad - Federico Garcia Lorca

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Friday, 22 August 2014


"Generally, the term 'meniscus' often refers to the cartilage of the knee, either to the lateral and medial menisci. Both are cartilaginous tissues that provide structural integrity to the knee when it undergoes tension and torsion." 
That was a sterile wikipedia copy. All I know, is that the meniscus incites hauling dogs at witching hour, pain management issues and nightmares of severed legs and obsidian wheelchairs. It also evokes the memorable Dr House somber recitation: "I'm in pain" and Giles' solemn "Aren't we all?" response after that short contemplative pause. Aren't we all?

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing dress asοs, gold pumps Céline, leather bag Thalatta Concept, sunnies vintage Fendi (first picture), and handmade

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

McCloud River Railroad

She plants skies of dawn, I unearth sea foam before Easter Sunday. Together we feel unimportant but we walk hand in hand toward luminous grasses. Unseen black feathered child over the roof of houses at night; your feet naked - my veins raise a neon green voice. 

Wearing boyfriend jeans, Poupée cotton and silk top, Jil Sander pumps, Louis Vuitton  minisacs

                                                Excerpt from my own poetry work                                                 
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Monday, 11 August 2014

A Woman of No Importance

“Mrs Allonby: Is she such a mystery?
Lord Illingworth: She is more than a mystery - she is a mood.
Mrs Allonby: Moods don't last.
Lord Illingworth: It is their chief charm.” 
― Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

Wearing silk taffeta halter neck top similar, silk pants Dries Van Noten vintage last worn here, custom made fur heels very much alike these

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Idea of Order at Key West

If it was only the dark voice of the sea that rose, or even colored by many waves; If it was only the outer voice of sky and cloud, of the sunken coral water-walled, however clear, it would have been deep air, the heaving speech of air, a summer sound repeated in a summer without end and sound alone. But it was more than that, more even than her voice, and ours, among the meaningless plungings of water and the wind, theatrical distances, bronze shadows heaped on high horizons, mountainous atmospheres of sky and sea […] In ghostlier demarcations, keener sounds.
Wallace  Stevens

Photography A Pink Moon Camera

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